Calvary Baptist Church
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Church History


     Calvary Baptist Church began as a mission Sunday School from Orange Hill Baptist Church.  The mission's first service was held on February 2, 1964 with 29 people present.  Jimmy Henderson was the Mission Director.  Constituted as a church on September 19, 1965 with 59  charter members, the congregation initially met at the home of Clara Daniel on Clay Road east of South Cobb High School.  After the church was constituted, temporary buildings were purchased from Fortified Hills Baptist Church and placed on property that had been purchased by the church at 4780 Flint Hill Road.  The first services on the new property were held on Christmas of 1965.
     The first phase of a permanent church building was completed, and Calvary moved into its new building on July 30, 1967 with 132 in Sunday School.  Dedication services were held September 17, 1967, with Rev. W.A. Anderson preaching.  The second phase of the church building was completed and dedicated on December 7, 1969.

     Land in the amount of 2.55 acres was donated by L.G. Landers, O.L. Ragan, W.C. Barnes and Dr. Cecil Grogan to the church for a new pastorium.  The pastorium was completed in August of 1973.  A new roof and steeple were added to the church building in 1991 and the church purchased an additional 3.5 acres joining on the south side.  A ball field and walking track were completed in 1993.  The new parking area was completed in March, 1994.  Renovation of the Adult and Youth Sunday School area was completed in May, 1994.

     The Pastorium was sold to help finance the cost of building the present Worship Center.  It was dedicated on September 21, 1997.  The loan for the new sanctuary was paid off in only three years.  An additional parking area was constructed in 1999.

     In September 2001, the trustees of Calvary Baptist Church signed a contract with Halifax Construction to build our Family Life Center and workbegan immediately.  The new building was completed in May, 2002.  On June 23, 2002 a dedication service was held in the Family Life Center, dedicating it to the glory of God.  The Family Life Center serves as a multifunctional building for special worship services, fellowship dinners, wedding receptions and Upward Basketball.   In 2002 we had 121 children enrolled in Upward Basketball.  Each season, our numbers have increased.  In the most recently completed season, some 400 children were involved.  Since Upward Basketball began, many have been saved.  We have also have several new families join our fellowship and all of our church activities have benefited from the presense of Upward Basketball.

     In 2001, 15 members of the church traveled to Romania on a mission trip.  Our church has assisted with donations to that area of the world for several years, and has helped to build a church there.  Some of our members have continued to make donations for the support of work being done in Romania.


  Rev. William R. Hayes served Calvary from September 19, 1965 thru August 12, 1970 and then again from July 1, 1977 thru January 31, 1990
  Rev. Luther Bartlett served Calvary from November 8, 1970 thru August 9, 1972
  Rev. Ray Frazier served Calvary from January 1, 1973 thru December 27, 1976
  Rev. Bill Rorie served Calvary from April 1, 1990 thru October, 2004


Those ordained at Calvary...

Dr. Bob Greene
Ordained February 20, 1994 by
Calvary Baptist Church,
presently serving as Pastor of the
First Southern Baptist Church
of Lake Havasu City, Arizona


How has Calvary grown through the years?  Take a look at our progress.....the buildings.....we needed somewhere for all of our folks to meet.  Praise the Lord for continued growth.


Daniel Home, site of Calvary's first Sunday School

Calvary constituted as a church,
September 19, 1965